Sunday Stanza: Poem Ten- The Elements By Hannah Williams

The Elements

By Hannah Williams©


What is beneath the soil?
Is it gold? Is it minerals? Is it oil?
To which the locals under the sun toil.
For the rich man to gather his spoil.

What is above the air?
Is it justice? Is it equity? Is it fair?
Does everybody get an equal share?
Can everyone thrive here?

What is the fire that spurs out flame?
Is it hot? Is it bright? Is it burning with an aim?
Does it burn down the bridges called blame?
Can we know it by its name?

What is the water flow?
Is it calm? Is it peaceful? Is it slow?
Does its meander tell you where to go?
Can you with your stone’s throw?

What is in the universe?
Is it prose? Is it poetry? Is it a verse?
Does it ever become adverse?
Can it with destiny converse?

Author: Hannah Williams

Hello, I’m Hannah. A young woman bright-eyed and bushy tailed for everything involving writing, reading and blogging. As a budding blogger, aspiring author and personal development enthusiast, I hope to transform the digital community with passion, purpose and the power of words. With this optimism, I aim to master the art of writing with my care-free approach to creativity.

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