How To Prepare For Success

Preparing for success is one of the best things you can do for yourself . Why? Because if you prepare for success, you are building the foundations of maintaining it. So here are three aspects in which you need to be mindful of when preparing for success:

1. Reputation: The term reputation refers to how others view you. To escalate this, we could say reputation is essentially your brand identity. It is often easier to project a professional brand identity  than it is displaying your brand identity on a personal level. Unfortunately, as I am learning, both intersect and it is imperative to view them holistically rather than separate entities. To prepare well for success, both the private and the public need to be portrayed positively or at least with a premeditated awareness on how you wish to portray yourself.

Reputation is your brand identity as a professional or social curriculum vitae.
~Hannah Williams

2. Habits: The habits you develop now are what will either make or break you when you’re successful. Habits can be categorised into three categories which are good, bad and neutral habits. The secret lies in ensuring that the neutral habits are made good, reducing the bad habits and not exhausting the good habits. How can you tell which habits are good, bad or neutral? The answer lies within and it is often based on the outcome it produces. For some people, procrastination is a neutral habit. Why? Because it helps them perform well under pressure especially in a short period of time. To make this habit good, it would be effective to achieve an equilibrium in procrastination where it is not too tasking but allows a sufficient amount of time to achieve what you need to do. However, if you find yourself leaving tasks till the last minute then procrastination would be a bad habit for you. Habit is also about frequency and how quickly you utilise these traits. Understanding yourself is the key to managing your habits.

Conquer your bad habits, develop your neutral habits and maintain your good habits
~Hannah Williams

3. Time:  The activities, events and experience that preoccupies our time often tells us how well we can manage our success.To effectively manage time, you have to value it. Therefore, when preparing for success it is important we learn to allocate our time to work, leisure and other important aspect of life in which we value and be understanding of how you allocate it.

Master time before you become a slave to time
~Hannah Williams

To summarise, the preparation of success lies in how you manage your reputation, construct your habits and allocate your time.





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