Defying the estate stereotype,
Jack decided to be the perfect prototype.
He went to university.
Just to face employment adversity.

He worked too hard.
But the economy is bad.
He gave education all he had.
First class university grad.
Unemployment makes him sad.
Whilst Brad just asked his dad.

A myriad of applications sent.
Interviews came and went.
On interview attires all his money he spent.
These rejection are becoming too frequent.

So what’s poor Jack got to do?
Lost in life, he hasn’t got a clue.
The corporate dream he had outgrew,
Corporate companies don’t want people like you.
For your life, experiences and struggles make you true.

Three years wasted and nothing to show
Life has dealt him a hard blow
He took the modules for all he needed to know
Meritocracy kept telling him to go
Looking back now you can’t change the status quo
He should have given up ages ago.