We sit on benches
As the words in my throat clenches
Some on the field.
Where daisies and dandelions have yield.

We inhale the breeze
Our problems we release
Gone with the wind.
Because we sat on a field.

Music blaring loudly
Birds singing proudly.
Not that they know all the words
But their noise is not void.

Nature greets us well.
With lavenders, daisies and cherry blossom trees.
On this landscape no one is free.

In the year 2017
I have lost all that could have been.
My eyes have seen pain
But I hope it is not in vain.

In a community of labels,
Where its deemed no one is stable
I know in my heart I am able.

Tales of each person unknown
But our hearts cannot be made of stone.
Sinews, flesh, body, mind and bones.
Maybe in time tranquillity will lead us home.
For we cannot do this alone.