Book Review: The Sun And Her Flowers By Rupi Kaur

The Sun And Her Flowers is a poetry collection written by Rupi Kaur. This collection deals with a range of topics such as love, migration, self esteem, beauty and more importantly nature. These themes are discussed in an open, vulnerable and candid manner.

We discover the reason the collection is titled ‘The Sun and Her Flowers’ in page 173 where Kaur writes:

what is it with you and sunflowers he asks
i point to the field of yellow outside
sunflowers worship the sun i tell him
only when it arrives do they rise
when the sun leaves
they bow their heads in mourning
that is what the sun does to those flowers
it is what you do to me
-the sun and her flowers

This poetry collection is not for you if:

  • You enjoy poetry that makes you think deeply about the message rather than be given the message.
  • You enjoy the use of punctuation to enhance poetry.
  • You enjoy analysing the poetry that you read.
  • You did not enjoy Milk and Honey

This poetry collection is for you if:

  • You are new to poetry and want to be exposed to different styles of poetry
  • You enjoy affirmations infused with poetry
  • You enjoy free verse and like poets who write in a similar manner to Rupi Kaur
  • You enjoyed the first book ‘Milk and Honey’

In reading this collection, I admire Rupi’s honesty in sharing her experiences and writing from a place which evokes emotion. I would like to add that despite the controversy that writers such as Rupi Kaur are not proper poets, it evokes the question of why do they have such a massive audience?

Overall, I would rate this collection as a three out of five because it entertained me on my journeys to and from work and it was a quick and simple read.


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