Take me to the river
To wade by the water in the winter moonlight.
In the depths of the river reflects a woman who drowned trying to grasp freedom.
A man whose hopes of emancipation dangles around his neck.
At the river bank lies children whose bodies are rooted in the ground as if they’re flowers.

Take me to the path
The long golden road
Where scars are healed and derogatory terms are seized.
Rising with the sunrise
Seeing Dr King’s dreams for the nation living in me.

Take me to the classroom
Absorbing the Golden Rules
The new testaments of what to say
The commandments on how to say it.
The Grace on when to say it

Take me to the kitchen
Where the word blares loudly
And you said it proudly
Stabbed the woman, the man and the children by the river.
Stole the living dream in me
Moved me away from the equilibrium of my understanding.

So answer me this?
Who did you oppress more?
When you said the word
Was it me? Or Was It You?