Book Review: Kingdom of Gravity by Nick Makoha

Kingdom of Gravity is a poetry collection written by Nick Makoha. This collection explores a range of topics such as war, poverty, the effects of guerrilla leaders on Uganda. Through the writer’s deep and poignant imagery, the reader gets to understand the dark aspect of Ugandan history.

  • What aspect of the poetry collection did you enjoy the most?
    I enjoyed reading Beatitude the most as it was a piece of poetry which I could imagine vividly. I enjoyed analysing the piece on my blog which can be found here.
  • What aspect of the poetry collection was the most emotive?
    I consider the poem ‘Killing Craft’ to be the most emotive aspect of the collection. The topic was heavy as it details a naive boy who smokes marijuana, killed his father, has a ‘river of AIDS’ flowing through his blood. The explicit reference to the ‘boy’ life is quite poignant. In fact, if you are sensitive and unable to stomach gory details of the harsh reality which this poem is centred on, then this is not the book for you.
  • What are your top five quotes in this book and why do you like them so much? 
1. Presidency can buy you celebrity.

This is the opening sentence in the poem ‘Highlife’ which is in the book. This line is quite relevant in both the developing world and the developed world . Also, as a president you will be well known either for good or bad reasons.

2. When the bodies disappear, discarded like the husk of mangoes

This is the opening sentence to the poem ‘Beatitude’. It paints a realistic image of neglect and how life is easily discarded in those conditions.

3. When the sun abandoned me, the sky was an iris of black glass
Nights kept me sleepless;

This was the opening line in ‘The Bee’. It is a paradoxical imagery which  paints the turmoil in a gentle beautiful manner.

4.  When the hills were on fire, there were no angels to guide us.

This line is from ‘The Second Republic’. It paints a faith based imagery in which the situation is so bad that even divinely entities cannot provide any support.

5.  Even a rock stays by the stream to curve its edges.

This line is from the poem ‘Legion’ . I believe it portrays the importance of foundation and ability to be rooted somewhere or perhaps, the harshness of events which help shapes our identity.

  • Who should read this book?
    This book should be read by adults due to the high emotional intelligence this book requires. Also, if you have an interest in the political climate of Uganda and its past, you will find this book interesting. As someone who is not Ugandan, I believe it is important to learn about other countries and gain awareness on its history. On that basis, I enjoyed reading the book.
  • Rating: Four stars

Four Stars

  • Final Thoughts

This book has been insightful in terms of writing styles. I enjoyed reading in this style of writing but found the topic to be quite dark and sad. This book may not be for you if you are emotionally sensitive. Overall, I thought it was a good read.




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