I‘ve always loved quotes and find inspiration and wisdom in them. So this afternoon, I have decided to sit down and reflect on some of the quotes that I have written and would like to share with the readers of my blog. I hope you like them or find it thought-provoking.

1. There is no can’t or can.It is either I choose to or I choose not to.
2. Family is everything. Everything is anything. So in anything family is still everything.
3. The deception of a lie weighs deeper than the consequence of the truth. 
4. The true spirit of boldness is to say what you mean, how you mean it and not overthink on how people will take the message. At the end of the day, it is the message for the people and not pleasing people for the message. I don’t want to give people what they want to hear. 
5. Precaution is sometimes paranoia and paranoia is sometimes precaution.