Sunday Stanza: Poem Thirty Nine- Dear You By Hannah Williams

Sunset and sunrise can be as beautiful as hellos and goodbyes.
At each instance, it doesn’t matter if your heart skips a beat or your stomach gets butterflies.
Each sleepless nights invites days which will bring you closer to the sweetest lullabies.
You may have been chained but know your ankles have power to break shackles.
You may have carried the weight of the world on your shoulders.
Tilt your neck and it will fall off.
You may have lifted your eyes to the mountains and saw giants.
Fix your eyes on the valley and pick three stones.
Amidst it all keep going.
For your feelings and fears are not your reality.
Dear you,
All you have been through makes you true.
So rise above it like a sunrise.
Let the fears dim like a fading sunset.



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