Prose/Short Story: Red Soil (Micro Fiction)

The footpath leading to the lake where she walked barefoot with the 
red soil discolouring her bronze skin. 
As the dust rises, she hopes to emerge as its daughter waiting to be 
uplifted by the wind. 
She looked back at her footsteps imprinted in the sand wondering 
if her ancestors had embossed their footprints too. 
A misbegotten music feeling alone and unloved wondering 
why she is different.
This is what nobody told her. 
Twelve years ago, under the winter moonlight, 
when the butterfly wings were clipped.
 The darkness hummed and its tune was conception. 
Nine months later, by the sugarcane flux, Kisse squatted over 
pushing to give birth.

Author: Hannah Williams

Hello, I’m Hannah. A young woman bright-eyed and bushy tailed for everything involving writing, reading and blogging. As a budding blogger, aspiring author and personal development enthusiast, I hope to transform the digital community with passion, purpose and the power of words. With this optimism, I aim to master the art of writing with my care-free approach to creativity.

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