Why I Write Haikus?

Writing haikus has been a simple yet complex process because I am aware that the English form of haikus is very different to what constitutes as a haiku in Japan. This is because sentence structures and syllables are quite different in these two cultures. Yet, the universal essence of nature as the topic of an haiku inspired my haiku album ‘What Nature Said’. In this blog post, I explore my creative process and provide samples to the album so here goes.

What is ‘What Nature Said About?”

What Nature Said is an eighteen track haiku album which explores the literal and metaphysical aspects of nature.

Why did you write ‘What Nature Said?’

I wrote ‘What Nature Said’ because I find writing haiku’s therapeutic and enjoyed the creative process of writing. I have always appreciated haiku and enjoy writing haikus in a way that is personal yet enjoyable to me. The passion I had for writing these pieces is what inspired the project.

What did you enjoy the most about the ‘What Nature Said?

I enjoyed the creative process of writing, recording and producing this album all by myself. It really allowed me to develop life skills such as decision making, creative skills such as recording and editing and career/ business skills such as marketing.  Yet, I will never stop learning even after this haiku album.

Can we get some snippets?

Yes. Below are three samples of my haiku pieces along with the lyrics:


A hand that never 
labour. Yet clings to prayer, 
asks for starvation.

On Dreams And Memories
A lucid mirage 
Faint elusive memories 
Reason redundant.

Where can we find out more?

Please head over to Bandcamp for more information.


What Nature Said- A Collection of Short Haikus by Hannah Williams (Audio Version)

‘What Nature Said’ is a short collection of audio haikus written, produced and created by Hannah Williams. Each piece explores the various facets of nature on a literal, metaphorical and metaphysical sense. ‘Cherry Blossom’ explores the vivid imagery of colour whilst ‘Lavender’ explores the intersection of plants and healing. ‘Daisy Chains’ is a playful piece exploring naivety and simplicity of the youth.Other eclectic’ pieces includes: ‘Grass’ ‘Autumn’ ’Rain’, ‘Sunrise’, ‘Seaside’ ‘Waterfall’ ‘Silver Lining’, and ‘Flames’. The more poignant pieces are ‘Soil’, ‘Language’ and ‘Speech’ centred to reflect the political state of land and linguistics. Then of course, the musings on books in ‘A Potential Wasted’ and perception of destitution in ‘Poverty’ as well as the conflict between reality and imagination in the piece ‘On Dreams and Visions’. Overall, this collection is bound to make you ponder and bring you closer to nature with its relaxing sounds, soft meditative tone and soothing lyrics.


Please feel free to share, comment or let me know what you think?

Thank you for reading!


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