A Beginner’s Guide To Scrapbooking/ Scrapbooking Ideas


Idea One: About You Page

  • Draw a sketch of your self.
  • Create a circle and write your traits in the circle
  • Draw a line for each of your favourite things like food, quote, colour etc.
  • Outline your hands and in each strand of your fingers write a positive affirmation for yourself.
  • Finish with your favourite quote or your favourite bible verse/ motto or mantra.

Idea Two: Quote Page

  • Select your favourite quote
  • Cut out fabric letters to use a collage for your quote.
  • Fill the rest of the words with a colouring pencil

Idea Three: Poetry Page

  • Sketch something that will inspire your poem. For me it was a lavender.
  • Write a piece of poetry using the sketch as inspiration.

Idea Four: Affirmation Page

  • Draw or sketch a flower or anything that you’d like to sketch and add a positive affirmation on the page.

Idea Four: Fashion Page

  • Draw an outline of a model.
  • Add fabric to create a look/outfit for the model.

Thank you for watching!


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