Sunday Stanza: Poem Fifty- Daughter Of A Yellow Sun By Hannah Williams

The shards of bottles and debris on the road sinks into the bare feet. The crimson liquid trickles upward. The scarlet paints on the clear canvas of the skin, forming across the ankle a cerise daisy chain. When the red soil sticks to skin, the potency of the sun burns the cut deep within. With the rhythm of discomfort, the steps begin to synchronise. To adjust the afflictions, carry the shadow on your back throughout the journey. With seven songs away from surrender, find the reservoir for eight and learn the wind’s symphony. Amidst this, find a vitality so vivacious that the fragmented mountains makes way for the sunlight. Then find simplicity so easy that causes the river to mirror the silhouette of every sunset and sunrise. Above it all, the horizon over the lily-white sky promises to soak in the splendour of the shine.  You are no longer the wanderlust light, you are the daughter of a yellow sun.



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