Mind, Body and Soul: A Brief Guide to Self Care

The mind, body and soul are key areas of focus when it comes to self care. This is because they intersect. I find self-care to be an important message that people need to remind themselves each day. It cannot be shared enough. I see a lot of inspirational content on Instagram, Twitter and even here on lifestyle blogs that are very moving and it makes me happy to see people appreciate who they are and how they can be even greater! One thing I would like to dispel is that self care is not just about losing weight or dieting or even drinking slimming tea (thank God!).

To me, self care can be defined as:

The condition of loving yourself so much that you choose not to compromise your health and wellbeing.

Here are seven ways in which you can actively practise self care:


  • Optimism: Speak, act, think and be positive. When you’re talking about something you find difficult or uninteresting, imagine it to be more pleasant and more possible.
  • Actions: Learn to treat yourself how you want others to treat you.
  • Spend Alone Time: Find time to spend with yourself even if it is for 10 minutes a day-  use it to meditate, read, write, dance, take picture. dedicate time to doing what you love.


  • Exercise: Create a schedule for yourself on how much exercise you want to do. There are lots of workout videos on YouTube or it can be as simple as walking everyday,
  • Present Yourself: Dress well and smell nice. If you like putting on makeup and doing your hair- go ahead. These are all essential parts of your wellbeing and should be prioritised even if it means getting up earlier. (It doesn’t have to be the latest fashion trends- what is of importance is looking great and feeling great.


  • Forgiveness: Think of one thing that has been burdening you and choose to forgive. This does not mean exposing yourself to the hurt again but choosing to heal from it.
  • Affirmation:  Write down ten nice things about you and repeat them to yourself.
  • Gratitude: Write down ten things you’re grateful for and remind yourself  of these things.

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