How to Start a Skincare Routine: ft Procoal London | AD

Investing in my skin used to be something I thought of as vain or shallow, not because of the benefits and the healthiness of the skin but because of the ways products are promoted to make us feel younger and prettier. It wasn’t until recently that I started to see skincare as part of wellbeing. Another aspect of this was that I didn’t know where to start or which products would work for my skin. If you are thinking about embarking on a journey for affordable skincare regimen. Here are five essential types of products that you can try in order to look after your skin:

1. Facial Scrub


This scrub can be used by men or women. For me personally, it exfoliates well and allows me to cleanse my face quickly and efficiently. I like the minty smell and doesn’t require too much as it exfoliate my dry skin. However it can be used for any skin types. It includes ingredients such as Calendula Oil, Allantoin and Activated Charcoal.

2. Cleanser

A good cleanser will leave your face feeling smooth and clear. I like to use my exfoliator brush to scrub my face then rinse it off with warm water.

3. Toner

I use a liquid toner by pouring small amounts onto a cotton wool pads and cleaning around my face and neck to achieve clearer skin.

4. Moisturiser/Serum

Especially for dry skin, a good moisturiser is required to rehydrate the skin. I use a two-in-one moisturiser/ serum to get my skin looking radiant and glowing.

5. Overnight skin care

It is important to have a Night-time product that you can leave overnight. I bought the Glycolic Overnight Peel but if i’m being honest, I haven’t been using this because I’m not sure how much to apply. Overall, here are the products I am using as part of my skin care routine.


****Disclaimer: The Procoal exfoliating scrub was gifted to me for review. I would like to inform the reader that I bought the other products and that I have given an honest review.


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