Injustice (Poetry)

darkens the mind.
with the skin pleading against the light,
there the sears of charcoal
singe the barren skin
and kerosene swims
into the blisters.
the scratch of the
match becomes,
the last melody she hears.
ashes to ashes,
death whiplashes
and the final breath rises with the smoke.
the husks of the burning body
the stellar night
echoes to echoes
there her silence reverbs
across the land.
exhaling aridity on soil,
the mist danced
to wilt the crops.
accusation chants and chime
what was your crime?

Thank you for listening!

Author: Hannah Williams

Hello, I’m Hannah. A young woman bright-eyed and bushy tailed for everything involving writing, reading and blogging. As a budding blogger, aspiring author and personal development enthusiast, I hope to transform the digital community with passion, purpose and the power of words. With this optimism, I aim to master the art of writing with my care-free approach to creativity.

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