A Simple Tool To Track Creative Writing Opportunities

This blog post will provide you with a free Excel worksheet that allows you to organise your creative opportunities in one place. You can see the status, deadline, priority, level of progress, requirements and notes all in one place. This fully functional worksheet is a free download.

This worksheet has four main tabs which are: the writing opportunities log, the completion rate tracker, difficulty and intensity tracker and performance tracker.

Writing Opportunity

This part of the workbook includes the following headings:
– Opportunity
– Organisation
– Genre
– Region
– Priority
– Difficulty
– Requirements 
– Completion
– Link
– Deadline 
– Status
– Notes 
– Evaluation

A screen recording overview is available below:

Completion Tracker

This helps you track how much applications you have completed, thus converting this into a completion rate.

Difficulty Tracker

This shows a ranking of how difficult the opportunities you have applied to are. This allows you to measure the intensity of these creative projects.

Peformance Tracker

This performance tracker provides an overview of how you’ re doing in terms of the status of these creative applications and quantifies your performance in a chart.

You can download your free creative writing opportunities worksheet below:


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