2020 Vision and Goal Planner

Hello all,

As 2020 is now approaching, we begin to think more about our goals and our accomplishment. For those of us who loves vision boards and planning resources, I have designed a simple package for us to reflect, plan and record our goals for 2020.

A 2020 Vision and Goal Planner

The feature of this downloadable are:

2019 Review

This part of the document allows you to write down and reflect on everything you have accomplished in 2019.


Gratitude Log

Please detail three things you are most grateful for.

Goal Planner 2020

Add your income, expenses, spending limits and saving target. The table is just to show some goals you can work towards. Please amend to suit your targets.
A reflection of skills you have, skills you’d like to improve and three career targets you’d like to set yourself.
This is your opportunity to find a new hobby and perhaps learn to produce something tangible if you wish to do so.
A personal reflection on your traits and habits
A quick and simple way to organise your relationships
For people who want to assess and set targets for their faith.
A fun section on how many book you’d like to read or blog post you’d like to write etc. please set the target as you wish.
Please now set 2020 Targets as a summary inspired by the sections of this guide.


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