4 Bullet Journal Tips for Beginners: How To Start A Bullet Journal +BuJo Spread Ideas

What is Bullet Journalling?

Bullet Journalling is a fun, therapeutic way to customise how you organise your time and interests. For those who do not know, it is a diary/ journal that you build for yourself using your own unique themes and keys.

What do you need for Bullet Journalling?

To start a bullet journal, you need a journal, this is usually dotted or plain though some people use lined journals. Along with this blank journal, you will also need some pens, markers and colouring pencils.

4 Bullet Journal Tips

1. Get Inspiration
Watch YouTube videos and use the internet for inspiration and drawing tips. If you’re not too creative or prefer function over style, use stencils and adapt what you have observed to create the right spreads for you.
2. Personalise
Create bullet journals that reflect your day to day activities, helps track your goals and matches your personality and needs. This will increase your usage and genuinely help you organise.
3. Perfectionism
It is easier said than done but avoid perfectionism and panicking about the layout, neatness and focus on the the functionality aspect of the bullet journal.
4. Enjoy and have fun
Focus on enjoying the process and working towards developing new skills such as organisation, creativity and a commitment to personal development

Bullet Journal Spreads (One)-April 2020

Image preview
Image preview

Bullet Journal Spreads (Two)



Bullet Journal Spreads (Three)


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