The Art of Happiness (How to be Happy)

We choose to be happy when we confront the sources of our unhappiness.

There is always a negative connotation attached to unhappiness. Yet, unhappiness that warrants reflection can often lead to change. Does that mean that unhappiness can be changed always? Not neccessarily, however, the mindset can be transformed. The secret to transforming your mindset resides in the acronym of happiness. Here is how to use ‘HAPPINESS’ to overcome unhappiness.


Humility is important in happiness because if you’re humble enough, it is likely that you are grateful enough. When you are grateful with your circumstances then you become happy with your situation.

Example: I am humbled by the fact that I have my life, many died this year but i still have the life and a chance to live. so i choose to be happy in my current situations.


Assertiveness is the art of not accepting the situations or things which makes you or others uncomfortable. Assertive people are happy because they can pick and choose what makes them happy and create the boundaries against unhappiness.

Example: I do certain things when i’m sad , to overcome this bad trait or habit, i choose to be assertive and place boundaries.


We all have our passions- the things we like and love, hobbies and interests and the things we are good at. Sometimes, the art of happiness rests in doing the things we love whether that is baking, dancing, sewing, singing or otherwise.


We are all have a purpose. That one or multiple things we are called to do. If we spend time discovering our purpose and working on the tools we need to achieve our purpose, then that can make us, others and the people we meet happy.


Sometimes, we feel unhappy because we are doing the wrong things. The choices of our actions makes us feel bad. For instance, if I lie all the time, I start to feel guilty about lying and that guilt makes me unhappy. Be a person with integrity and sometimes the goodness of integrity allows you to be happy.


Sometimes, we feel unhappy because neglect our selves, This can be our health, our wellbeing, ourselves and the things that matter to us the most. When you make a conscious effort to look after yourself, then happiness also radiates with you.


Deciding what you need and want is a good start to discovering your happiness. You need a balance between the two- it is not a good idea to always focus on your needs even though it is hard when you need things and to always live in want makes you insatiable. Though easier said than done, focusing on wants and needs distracts you from choosing to be happy now.


Sometimes, choosing to be happy means you need to radiate effervescence. This means stop frowning, smile, laugh and enjoy. Choosing to be a radiant and lovely person to be around and doing things on purpose that makes you effervescent can often make you happy as well.


Silence negative, terrible or unhappy thoughts. This can be through meditation, quiet times, repeating words of encouragement to yourself and believing the good, pure and noble thoughts.


Monitoring your happiness can also be good for your wellbeing. Identify days that have made you happy and figure out what happened that day that made you so happy.  Look back on those days, weeks, months or even years in a journal, scrapbook, notes or conversation.

happiness is a seed, plant its bud and water it with love and watch it bloom.

Hannah Williams

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