My Taste For Rain Has Changed (Poetry)

WORDS (My Taste For Rain Has Changed):

my taste for rain has changed
I no longer cry storms.
my taste for thunder begun,
when my feet vowed to return.

my taste for rain on arid soil,
the dawn begun
and with the weather I was over
i vowed my storm will return.

Under the faint sky,
my taste for rain evolved.
Grew into a wildfire of monsoons
I returned with hailstones under my feet
Storm in my weathered eyes;
Hurricanes in the palm of my hands .
I sing hemisphere their lullabies
I sting hemispheres with ache

When the taste for rain swelled
I delivered harmattan in rage
Dry, arid, cool, fever of hot and warm.
I refrained from bringing my weathered storm.

My taste for rain has brewed.
I poured the temper warm and stewed.
Under the eeriness of the night
I grew the rain and plucked the storm
Then I threw the waning sun.

My taste for rain has changed
I bought the heat with my auburn tresses
And winter stares I wore like lavalieres.
I gathered ice from stony places
I spewed when it melted
Because my taste for rain has changed.

I change my taste for rain; or has rain changed my taste.

Silver soothing in the sky
I changed my songs of thunder.
Let no stars open the sky asunder.

My taste for rain has changed
Not for now, today, tomorrow but decades.
My taste for rain has changed.

Inject my world with dust so I can rain in August
My taste for rain has changed.
I bury the tears now on my discovered rage
My taste for rain has changed.

Author: Hannah Williams

Hello, Iā€™m Hannah. A young woman bright-eyed and bushy tailed for everything involving writing, reading and blogging. As a budding blogger, aspiring author and personal development enthusiast, I hope to transform the digital community with passion, purpose and the power of words. With this optimism, I aim to master the art of writing with my care-free approach to creativity.

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