Book Review: Power Skills by Juliet Erickson


Power Skills (A Masterclass for Women in Body Language and Communication) puts the concept of power into the best perspective. It is ‘confidence (that) at the same time (creates) feeling of ease and calm. The objective of the book is to help women communicate through their body language. It teaches us that power doesn’t have to be about weaknesses or manipulation but ‘..doing what comes naturally with awareness’. And I think that is really profound.


Power Skills maintains that we build rapport by mirroring people’s body language in a genuine manner. This reminds me of the phrase-‘Iron sharpens iron”. We are drawn to people with a similitude to us.


Instead of thinking about what others can do for you, empathise with how you think the person in question will like to be approached. This makes me reflect on the phrase: Treat people how YOU would like to be treated.


Understanding people’s style of communication and how they like to speak will allow you to understand them more and how to resonate with them.


Power Skills categorises communication styles into four main areas: Expressive, Direct, Analytical and Social/Amiable. I was surprised that Social/Amiable was my communication style but upon reading the attributes and characteristics I could understand why I communicate easier with some types of people. I realise that empathy could be effective in those less successful situations of communicating.


1.Communication Styles

2. Postures, Gestures and Hand Movement

3. Eye Contact

4.Voice and Facial Expression

5. Confrontation

6.Cultivating Presences

I feel that this book is perfect for timid women who struggle with confidence, speaking up and those learning to say no. It will have to practising and speaking up for yourself in a calm, collected and serene way. I would strongly recommend.

More Information about the Book

For interested readers, this book can be found here.

Power Skills: A Masterclass for Women in Body Language and Communication
By Juliet Erickson
Publisher: Eddison Books
Publication Date: 23rd April 2020
ISBN: 9781859064610 | Price: £14.99 | Paperback | Illustrated

This book was sent to be by Eddison Books and this is my honest and sincere review.


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