Blessing the Journey (Poetry)

Blessing The Journey, after Lucille Clifton.

may barren journeys
cradle you into new purpose.
as the stillness of the shores,
soothe and cease from upswelling.
and you find serenity in stillness.
as the tide now becomes subdued.

may fear be arid;
droughted and dearth.
as an oasis of confidence upsurge around you;
dousing all you seek.
and the veil of anxiety lay bare.
as certitude saturate overflowing like waterfalls.

may fire quicken you.
as your passion lightens
like a lantern that became the sun;
unflickered light; unquenchable destiny.
set alight like the rising of the dawn
do not dim by succumbing to dark.

may pain be carried by the gloss of the wind;
and its gust blow away distress.
as peace overflows through your tresses
and even if the wind changes direction;
may focus be clear in the haze.

(Now read backwards)

Author: Hannah Williams

Hello, I’m Hannah. A young woman bright-eyed and bushy tailed for everything involving writing, reading and blogging. As a budding blogger, aspiring author and personal development enthusiast, I hope to transform the digital community with passion, purpose and the power of words. With this optimism, I aim to master the art of writing with my care-free approach to creativity.

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