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Hannah Williams is an undergraduate student at Loughborough University.

She aims to progress in the world of academia by becoming an Economics Lecturer. Hannah is keen on studying socio-economic status such as gender, class, race and religion and understanding the complexities of these issues through the behavioral economics gaze.

At present, Hannah is taking a gap year from university.

Hannah hopes to change the world through the power of formal education and the beauty of words. Her work ‘A Medley of Emotions’ is to be featured in a survivor’s anthology.

Hannah Williams is a poet who writes personally on community issues, identity struggles, being a brown woman and life experiences which have shaped her perceptions. Everything and anything under the sun is her muse as she draws inspiration from the world around her.

Aside from Hannah’s love for poetry, she is also a personal development enthusiast where she can be found reading motivational books and compilations of inspirational stories.

Prior to revamping the blog, Hannah has worked on endorsement deals where she reviewed jewelleries, accessories, tea’s and a variety of books from several organisations.

Now the focus of her blog is to engage in the digital economy, with a community of like-minded people who are passionate about learning, understanding and engaging in a range of projects which will be featured on this blog.

These projects varies from:

  • Personal: This illustrates new experiences Hannah encounters during her gap year.
  • Poetry: This mainly involves a Sunday Stanza’s’ series as well as the ‘Prose and Poetry’ review section which involves a critique of poetry, books and speeches.
  • Personal Development: This explores a nineteen part series on personal development themes such as decision making, perfectionism and stress management.
  • Podcasts: There are two Podcast series which will be featured on this blog, these are titled The Cons out of Economics’ and ‘Philosophy Insights’.
  • Teachings: This involves a Christian platform called ‘Gen[Grace]‘.

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