Haiku Poetry: Poverty

  WORDS:A hand that neverlabour. Yet clings to prayer,asks for starvation.https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wXStFc4-SBs Please like, comment and subscribe to my YouTube Channel Thank you for watching!

Why I Write Haikus?

Writing haikus has been a simple yet complex process because I am aware that the English form of haikus is very different to what constitutes as a haiku in Japan. This is because sentence structures and syllables are quite different in these two cultures. Yet, the universal essence of nature as the topic of an … Continue reading Why I Write Haikus?

How To Prepare For Success

Preparing for success is one of the best things you can do for yourself . Why? Because if you prepare for success, you are building the foundations of maintaining it. So here are three aspects in which you need to be mindful of when preparing for success: 1. Reputation: The term reputation refers to how others … Continue reading How To Prepare For Success

An Analysis of ‘My Father Is A Retired Magician’ By Dr. Ntozake Shange

In this blog post, an analysis of the poem 'My Father Is A Retired Magician' will be made. The poem commence with this: my father is a retired magician which accounts for my irregular behavior everythin comes outta magic hats or bottles wit no bottoms & parakeets are as easy to get as a couple a rabbits … Continue reading An Analysis of ‘My Father Is A Retired Magician’ By Dr. Ntozake Shange

Project Two and Three: A Tablet Cover and Phone Cover

The next project in my art and craft series is the matching tablet cover and phone cover. To create your own, you will need a sewing machine, scissors, fabric, iron and pins. STEP ONE: Cut your fabric into two separate squares. (Make sure they are large enough to fit your tablet) STEP TWO: Sew the … Continue reading Project Two and Three: A Tablet Cover and Phone Cover

Project One: Creating A Bookmark

Today I decided to embark on a creative process by creating an over-the-book bookmark. To create your own, you will need: A sewing machine, a piece of fabric, scissors, elastic band and an iron. The process of creating your own is written below in these six easy steps. STEP ONE: Fold and Iron the First … Continue reading Project One: Creating A Bookmark