You may have heard of Gen[X] and perhaps Gen[Y]  or maybe even Gen[Z]. These are all categorising names to summarise a generation. The name Gen[Grace] is a play of words on this concept. Gen[Grace] is a Christian platform where a series of biblical, faith based and Christian centered topics are explored.

The aim of this platform is:

  • To help me develop in my Christian faith.
  • To get closer to God.
  • To be a student of the Bible.
  • To learn how to teach and communicate.
  • To express and solidify my faith in my identity.

The purpose of this platform is:

  • To develop new skills such as teaching, analysis, encouragement, empathy as well as wisdom, knowledge and understanding.
  • To learn to give a view articulately whilst developing existing skills and gaining new ones.

The objective of this segment is :

  • To encourage discussions as no one owns a monopoly to the Christian truths or views. Therefore, I can gain insight from others and they can gain insight from me.