Sunday Stanza: Poem Two- Lonely Ocean By Hannah Williams

Lonely Ocean By Hannah Williams© I’m a lonely ocean. Kissing the shore. Moving with its motions. Longing for more. I’m a lonely ocean. Looking for the sea. To carry away my emotion. Till I discover me. I’m a lonely ocean. Crashing against solitude. Moving in slow motion. No longer a lonely ocean if I can […]

A Critique Of ‘My Guilt’ Poem By Dr. Maya Angelou

My Guilt By Dr. Maya Angelou My guilt is “slavery’s chains,” too long the clang of iron falls down the years. This brother’s sold, this sister’s gone, is bitter wax, lining my ears. My guilt made music with the tears. My crime is “heroes, dead and gone,” dead Vesey, Turner, Gabriel, dead Malcolm, Marcus, Martin […]