Sunday Stanza: Poem Twelve- Important Nothings By Hannah Williams

Important Nothings By Hannah Williams© I remember putting so much effort into childhood and youth. For I perceived it as the core of my root. Especially if I wanted to live a life worth remembering. My efforts had to be enduring. I needed to stand the test of time. So that adulthood would turn out […]

Sunday Stanza: Poem Eleven- Stones By Hannah Williams

Stones By Hannah Williams©   I rested calmly by the sea shore. Content with where I am I dare not ask for more. Until the day I was picked up from the beach floor. To skid upon the water like one, two, three  and four. So I discovered life anew. The journey was tough but the waves saw me through. I sank beneath the depths of the sea. Till the waves brought me back to the shore and re-branded me.

Sunday Stanza: Poem Ten- The Elements By Hannah Williams

The Elements By Hannah Williams© What is beneath the soil? Is it gold? Is it minerals? Is it oil? To which the locals under the sun toil. For the rich man to gather his spoil. What is above the air? Is it justice? Is it equity? Is it fair? Does everybody get an equal share? […]

Sunday Stanza: Poem Nine-Mars and Venus By Hannah Williams

Mars and Venus By Hannah Williams© Men are from Mars. Women are from Venus. So who lives on earth? Men are from Mars. Women are from Venus. So tell me, who or what lives in Uranus? Men are from Mars. Women are from Venus. When will all the planet relieve us? Men are from Mars. […]

Sunday Stanza: Poem Six- The English Dream By Hannah Williams

The English Dream By Hannah Williams© I walk by Aylestone meadow. Where birds sing and the tree’s follow. The woodland’s air I breathe The canal bed walks like me. I meander with each bend For the crevasses and cracks on the path like me need a mend. Me and nature are at one. Till the […]

Sunday Stanza: Poem Five- Until We Killed Me By Hannah Williams

Until We Killed Me By Hannah Williams© At this hour I learnt to weep silently. Sitting in the silence. Speaking with my darkness. My remedy for a broken heart. A heart that had nothing but love to give. It bleeds… now. Has a rhythm of your rejection. A symptom of neglection. You sliced it with […]

Sunday Stanza: Poem Two- Lonely Ocean By Hannah Williams

Lonely Ocean By Hannah Williams© I’m a lonely ocean. Kissing the shore. Moving with its motions. Longing for more. I’m a lonely ocean. Looking for the sea. To carry away my emotion. Till I discover me. I’m a lonely ocean. Crashing against solitude. Moving in slow motion. No longer a lonely ocean if I can […]

Sunday Stanza: Poem One- A Trail Of Someone By Hannah Williams

A Trail Of Someone By Hannah Williams© The emptiness absorbed and trickled down my window pane. The floor accommodates her in times of loneliness and despair. To gather the broken dreams in which I hurry to repair. Wiping away tears that synchronises with the rain. A bare and empty me. Who is she? I, myself […]