Haiku Poetry: Poverty

  WORDS:A hand that neverlabour. Yet clings to prayer,asks for starvation.https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wXStFc4-SBs Please like, comment and subscribe to my YouTube Channel Thank you for watching!

Shame (Poetry)

  WORDS: a shame is coming, lurking over the horizon. it hisses, coughs and laughs.wanting its presence known. brewing in hatred for reputation refusing to revere character. on its arrival they tried to fleebillowing into the distanceswallowing galls of mistakespreceding this life was fullan opportune to live recklessly laughing not crying yetflashbacks strike like lighteningand … Continue reading Shame (Poetry)

The Heron Across The Black Lake (Poetry)

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2GpDt_-CObQ i. my word is a heron trying to swallow its fishbut the bare bones spike against the bitter bills. across the hill over the black lake drowns the words that i cannot say. ii. so i find solace in echoes of the skybut do not seek the lineage callfor the clouds swallow softlywhen they … Continue reading The Heron Across The Black Lake (Poetry)

3 AM (Poetry)

WORDS: at 3.am the news wades on the white Calla- lily porcheach held breath praysprobing for the serenity of the things that yesterday cannot change. the opulent ivory door laments for the two pulsating hearts denying rational thoughts as silence slays the hopeof going back to sleep whole. no longer wadingits presence satiates the room … Continue reading 3 AM (Poetry)