How To Plan 2020 Goals

  Hello all, This short video highlights how to prepare and plan for your 2020 goals. I have also designed a short downloadable to help you with your 2020 plans by categorising the goals into finance, career, hobbies and other personal objectives. Please see and download free here at: Social Media Links:Twitter: … Continue reading How To Plan 2020 Goals

Shame (Poetry)

  WORDS: a shame is coming, lurking over the horizon. it hisses, coughs and laughs.wanting its presence known. brewing in hatred for reputation refusing to revere character. on its arrival they tried to fleebillowing into the distanceswallowing galls of mistakespreceding this life was fullan opportune to live recklessly laughing not crying yetflashbacks strike like lighteningand … Continue reading Shame (Poetry)