When memories become distant, the mind strives to hold onto whatever remains. Yet, I was determined not to forget. Especially when I began to think and dream about her. I saw her frail, distant and almost elusive. But still, I was conflicted by the thought of how she could live a life without me. Why hasn’t she got in touch? Was I not important enough? Perhaps she was my dream and I was her reality. Or dare I say her nightmare? Being told about someone is different to actually meeting them. I appreciated the discussions of her but telling is far lesser than seeing. And I had to see. So I took a ten hour plane journey, five hour drive and  one boat ride later  to the other side of the town, we finally got there. Only to be greeted by her body sleeping in eternity. A journey made to to rekindle the union of maternity only to find out that somedays taking to long to get ready can be too late.  It became a moment that I had to leave in the hands of fate.