Lesson From A Paper Crane (Poetry)



Examine the flailing weeks fold itself like paper;
as it cuts the days, tucks in the minutes and creases the seconds.
cocooning into an origami of the things it strives for
till it calls into the calmest crane.
forgetting a thousand cranes brings luck
but this one is troubled; creased by a thousand
yet it doesn’t sink in its despondence

but watches its skin assembles itself back
from the scrunches of being cast aside.
fingers exfoliate its bamboo paper
and etch engraved pencil markings
the calligraphy trembling on its page
brings this crane back to reality
trying to clear anxiety from its throat
it hears the hands mocking its fear
papers telling stories
waiting to be spoken and recited
it folds back into the corner
like an origami crane with no wings
nor luck, nor numbers but attempts
and efforts with its constant strive to fly
the folding hands ask questions
speak solutions
and it keeps folding
and that was its derision
because no matter how it folds
not all crane take form
look at its crease
and when you look- please renew
take new paper for yourself
and seek the guidance of the Teacher.

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