• Lesson From A Paper Crane (Poetry)

    WORDS: Examine the flailing weeks fold itself like paper;as it cuts the days, tucks in the minutes and creases the seconds.cocooning into an origami of the things it strives fortill it calls into the calmest crane.forgetting a thousand cranes brings luckbut this one is troubled; creased by a thousandyet it doesn’t sink in its despondence

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  • A Simple Tool To Track Creative Writing Opportunities

    This blog post will provide you with a free Excel worksheet that allows you to organise your creative opportunities in one place. You can see the status, deadline, priority, level of progress, requirements and notes all in one place. This fully functional worksheet is a free download. This worksheet has four main tabs which are:…

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  • Haiku Poetry: Soil

    Haiku Poetry: Soil

    A split in the soil. Drought across the Saharan. Silence the nomads.

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  • Prose/Short Story: Goodbye Magazine By Hannah Williams

    ****Trigger Warning: Contains themes of suicide**** We’ve been doing this for the past four years, ever since we read it in Goodbye magazine. It was the ‘7 Pacts You Should Make To Honour Your Friendship’ article which suggested that friends should allocate the time to see each other regularly. So, we decided that every last…

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  • The Heron Across The Black Lake (Poetry)

    i. my word is a heron trying to swallow its fishbut the bare bones spike against the bitter bills. across the hill over the black lake drowns the words that i cannot say. ii. so i find solace in echoes of the skybut do not seek the lineage callfor the clouds swallow softlywhen they bellow…

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  • Haiku Poetry: Flames

    Haiku Poetry: Flames

    Callous feet walked through Fire. A searing flame steaming Souls. Flames of desire

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  • 3 AM (Poetry)

    3 AM (Poetry)

    the opulent ivory door laments for the two pulsating hearts denying rational thoughts as silence slays the hopeof going back to sleep whole. no longer wadingits presence satiates the room and consciously it slices the truthleaving scratches on the marble tops with residues of tea in the porcelain cups

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  • Haiku Poetry: Silver Lining

    A sombre season Where light fades and dark brightens There silver strands align. Please like, comment and subscribe to my YouTube Channel

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  • How to Start a Skincare Routine: ft Procoal London | AD

    Investing in my skin used to be something I thought of as vain or shallow, not because of the benefits and the healthiness of the skin but because of the ways products are promoted to make us feel younger and prettier. It wasn’t until recently that I started to see skincare as part of wellbeing.…

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  • Blessing the Journey (Poetry)

    Blessing The Journey, after Lucille Clifton. may barren journeyscradle you into new purpose.as the stillness of the shores,soothe and cease from upswelling.and you find serenity in stillness.as the tide now becomes subdued. may fear be arid;droughted and dearth.as an oasis of confidence upsurge around you;dousing all you seek.and the veil of anxiety lay bare.as certitude…

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  • Psalm 20 | Christian Meditation | 5 Minutes Prayer| Devotional | BUD & BLOOM Series

    1 May the Lord answer you when you are in distress;    may the name of the God of Jacob protect you.2 May he send you help from the sanctuary    and grant you support from Zion.3 May he remember all your sacrifices    and accept your burnt offerings.[b]4 May he give you the desire of your heart    and make all your plans succeed.5 May we shout for joy over your victory    and lift up…

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  • Psalm 100 | Christian Meditation | 3 Minutes Prayer| Devotional | BUD & BLOOM SERIES

    Psalm 100 (KJV) 1 Make a joyful noise unto the Lord, all ye lands. 2 Serve the Lord with gladness: come before his presence with singing. 3 Know ye that the Lord he is God: it is he that hath made us, and not we ourselves; we are his people, and the sheep of his…

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  • Book Review: Power Skills by Juliet Erickson

    WHAT IS POWER? Power Skills (A Masterclass for Women in Body Language and Communication) puts the concept of power into the best perspective. It is ‘confidence (that) at the same time (creates) feeling of ease and calm. The objective of the book is to help women communicate through their body language. It teaches us that…

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  • Book Review: Change Your Life in 5: Practical Steps To Making Meaningful Changes in Your Life by Sue Belton

    Normally, I do not read self help books. After all, we all have the answers to solving our life problems. Why do I need a book to tell me something I already know or can figure out myself. Right? Wrong. Self help books save you the time so you can channel the effort to make…

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  • My Taste For Rain Has Changed (Poetry)

    WORDS (My Taste For Rain Has Changed): my taste for rain has changedI no longer cry storms.my taste for thunder begun,when my feet vowed to return. my taste for rain on arid soil,the dawn begunand with the weather I was overi vowed my storm will return. Under the faint sky,my taste for rain evolved.Grew into…

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  • Psalm One | Christian Meditation | 5 Minutes Prayer| Devotional | BUD & BLOOM Series

    hello and welcome to the bud and bloom meditation series. today we meditate on psalm one which encourages us to meditate on the word of the lord day and night. to start meditation, let’s begin with opening prayer in three parts which is to give thanks, pray for forgiveness and the pray with the Lord’s…

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  • 4 Bullet Journal Tips for Beginners: How To Start A Bullet Journal +BuJo Spread Ideas

    What is Bullet Journalling? Bullet Journalling is a fun, therapeutic way to customise how you organise your time and interests. For those who do not know, it is a diary/ journal that you build for yourself using your own unique themes and keys. What do you need for Bullet Journalling? To start a bullet journal,…

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  • The Art of Happiness (How to be Happy)

    There is always a negative connotation attached to unhappiness. Yet, unhappiness that warrants reflection can often lead to change. Does that mean that unhappiness can be changed always? Not neccessarily, however, the mindset can be transformed. The secret to transforming your mindset resides in the acronym of happiness. Here is how to use ‘HAPPINESS’ to…

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  • Black Sheep (Poetry)

    Black Sheep (Poetry)

    WORDS:clearing out the truths in my closeti find another.amidst the chaos and the calm,there drapes the dark woollen coat.persistently promising to always be in vogue.its length smiles at my older selfits warmth laughs at my latter daysits style larks at the former selfits size beams in my early agetelling me its elegance is graspedat a…

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  • Ask (Poetry)

    Ask (Poetry)

    she asks herself and asks again. as her voice breaks like floral porcelains, she picks up the pieces. it hurts, it takes time. for the little pieces perforates and sinks into the hands like the painful memories. there she pulls the shards and plaster the wound. silence reminds her that she has been here before…

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  • Haiku Poetry: On Dreams and Memories

    WORDS:A lucid mirageFaint elusive memoriesReason redundant.

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  • Haiku Poetry: A Wasted Potential

    WORDS:A book never used,Left untouched gathering dust.Potential wasted.

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  • 2020 Vision and Goal Planner

    Hello all, As 2020 is now approaching, we begin to think more about our goals and our accomplishment. For those of us who loves vision boards and planning resources, I have designed a simple package for us to reflect, plan and record our goals for 2020.

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  • Haiku Poetry: Poverty

    Haiku Poetry: Poverty

    WORDS:A hand that neverlabour. Yet clings to prayer,asks for starvation.

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  • Arson (Poetry)

    Arson (Poetry)

    WORDS:at the dark red dusk, the monsoon flooded raining kerosene and paraffin trickles of oil lashed like lightning leaving imprint on wooden windowsthe flames upraising like an anthem and we asked our bloodshot eyes to stop chantingwith smoke engraved in our parched coughingwe watch the arid commodities burn with the heat.red spices and brown sugar…

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  • Haiku Poetry: Stolen Laughter

    WORDS: A stolen laughter, Becomes broken bitternessSeized from sincere souls.

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  • Haiku Poetry: Language

    Haiku Poetry: Language

    WORDS:Echoed voice dancing,On the tepid mouth of speech.Borders are now mute.

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  • Shame (Poetry)

    Shame (Poetry)

    WORDS: a shame is coming, lurking over the horizon. it hisses, coughs and laughs.wanting its presence known. brewing in hatred for reputation refusing to revere character. on its arrival they tried to fleebillowing into the distance

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  • Poetry Analysis: When We Two Parted by Lord Bryon (1788–1824)

    Poem When we two partedIn silence and tears,Half broken-heartedTo sever for years,Pale grew thy cheek and cold,Colder thy kiss;Truly that hour foretoldSorrow to this. The dew of the morningSunk chill on my brow –It felt like the warningOf what I feel now.Thy vows are all broken,And light is thy fame;I hear thy name spoken,And share…

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  • Haiku Poetry: Waterfall

    Waterfall (Haiku) A soft staccato Smoothly singing southwards Rapid droplets dance.

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  • Book Review: In Search of Equilibrium by Theresa Lola

    Theresa Lola’s effortless ability to weave family and faith and explore the nexus of the familiar and distant in the Nigerian culture makes this collection one that I can resonate with . In Search of Equilibrium transpires its names from an almost circle-of-life likeness where when one life passes on,  another is ‘wailed’ into existence.…

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  • An Analysis of Maps by Doug Hoekstra

    Carrying maps we movethrough battlegrounds and trails,roadways, displays andmuseums built of alabasteron swamps in cities marked withEuropean names Following blue lines, red circlesstreet signs and highway markerscompass points and scalemeasuring distance between placesand distant constellationsthat will one day disappear Slipping into another formcatching glimpses of the futurecherished and held inour collective past, pressedbetween magnetic pagesreframed…

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  • How to Use Your Phone to Save Time and Make the Most Out of Your Productivity

    For some people, smartphones are more like a distraction than a blessing. If you are running a business, you might find yourself trying to update your social media accounts and spending hours every day viewing videos that are not even related to your industry. There are, however, some positive aspects of using smartphones and technology…

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  • Sunday Stanza: Poem Fifty Five: For Me by Hannah Williams

    if i could change a thoughtand have clarity transparent like a brook i would think for me. if i could contemplate a dreamand have a labour that dawns it into realityi would dream for me. if i could say a word and have courage that never relents i would speak for me. if i could…

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  • Haiku Poetry: Seaside

    Haiku Poetry: Seaside

    Seaside (Haiku) When the weeping waves Hides its tears in bitter sands Pebbles mediate. Please like, comment and subscribe to my YouTube Channel Thank you for watching!

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  • Sunday Stanza: Poem Fifty Four: A Land of Honey and Milk by Hannah Williams

    a silhouette shawled in titanium with footsteps soft as silk. a graceless poise pierces the back promising a land of honey and milk a shadow tattered in light with sight dark as void a sinister compassionate misled the feet promising a land of honey and milk a shape stirred in sorrow with tears dripping as…

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  • An Analysis of ‘On the Black Canal’ by Helen Tookey

    Your boat is moored on the black canal and the woman is playing the cello for you, long low notes the colour of crows’ wings. You are a sound-box, air vibrates inside your bones as each note elongates, a dark expanse –are you under her protection, or is it a baffle she draws around you,…

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  • Haiku Poetry: Sunrise

    Haiku Poetry: Sunrise

    Sunrise (Haiku) The silent sunrise Sits softly on the lake’s ripples, Without permission. Please like, comment and subscribe to my YouTube Channel Thank you for watching!

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  • Sunday Stanza: Poem Fifty Three-Journey By Hannah Williams

    When the sight glazed across the journey, the lips let out a prayer so swift like the years of the youth. The feet walks casually imprinting its mark. Yet, no one remembers the hand that adorned the feet  nor the language that taught it how to walk. An inscription stronger than titanium and more permanent…

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  • Mind, Body and Soul: A Brief Guide to Self Care

    The mind, body and soul are key areas of focus when it comes to self care. This is because they intersect. I find self-care to be an important message that people need to remind themselves each day. It cannot be shared enough. I see a lot of inspirational content on Instagram, Twitter and even here…

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  • Book Review: Eye Level by Jenny Xie

    Eye Level is a short poetry collection written by Jenny Xie published this year. When reading any poetry collection, I am always curious to find out how the title formalised and look for links between the poetry and the title. This intersection was revealed in the poem Ongoing which states “She had trained herself to look…

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  • Sunday Stanza: Poem Fifty Two-Lament By Hannah Williams

    building hands bristled and bruised turns heaviness into light and the ugly tears streaming from the broken but beautiful hearts ask the fragmented hope to forget thy not and rejoice to remember thee not as a song, not as prayer but it rises in that similitude above the firmament and encircling the sky it asks…

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  • Haiku Poetry: Rain

    Haiku Poetry: Rain

    Rain (Haiku) When the clouds are crying, Land absorbs with apathy. Whilst the sea dances. Please like, comment and subscribe to my YouTube Channel Thank you for watching!

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  • Sunday Stanza: Poem Fifty One-Chandelier By Hannah Williams

    When emotions are excessive and the mind cannot cope.  Close the eyes and imagine each strand. Dangling like chandelier pieces. A glistening ray of hope beacons. A festivity of light dances in the mind. Hold the light. Hold the hope. Let it fizzle the fear. Can you hear the crystals chorus and the diamond note.…

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  • Haiku Poetry: Autumn

    Haiku Poetry: Autumn

    Autumn (Haiku) Autumn sings golden, eulogy probing summer , |on its stolen leaves. Please like, comment and subscribe to my YouTube Channel Thank you for watching!

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  • Sunday Stanza: Poem Fifty- Daughter Of A Yellow Sun By Hannah Williams

    The shards of bottles and debris on the road sinks into the bare feet. The crimson liquid trickles upward. The scarlet paints on the clear canvas of the skin, forming across the ankle a cerise daisy chain. When the red soil sticks to skin, the potency of the sun burns the cut deep within. With…

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  • Haiku Poetry: Grass

    Haiku Poetry: Grass

    Grass (Haiku) Blades of emerald, Sway to the wind’s lullaby. A sad futile tune. Please like, comment and subscribe to my YouTube Channel Thank you for watching!

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  • Sunday Stanza: Poem Forty Nine- Frown Lines

    When the voice was stolen and she could sing no more, the frown formed and the lines found solace on her face. In her silence, it defended her. A world where hostility determines if you’re victimised and she’d rather be the victor. So she put it on each morning. After all, you cannot report expressions…

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